BOOK collection includes issues from the period of World War One, but also from the postwar period, if their topic is war-related to the Serbian people. The publications included are: literary works created during the war, propaganda brochures made with the purpose of strengthening the morale of the army and the civilians, memoir works that evoke the time of great suffering, as well as the legislative activity of the Government of the Kingdom of Serbia on the island of Corfu.

PERIODICALS collection includes titles of newspapers and magazines in the Serbian language, created during World War One. These were published all around the world, from South America to Greece. Of special value are the unique examples of handwritten newspapers created in the trenches of the Salonika front, but also in refugee schools in France.

MANUSCRIPT MATERIAL collection includes letters, postcards and unpublished memoirs from the war. Furthermore, this collection includes the original minutes of the meetings of the National Assembly of the Kingdom of Serbia, held during the war. This collection contains materials of great importance for the study of social history and understanding of people's daily lives in the war.

POSTERS collection includes posters, announcements and concert programs made in World War One. This extremely valuable collection, besides unique examples of various posters, concert programs, includes also the occupier’s public statements to the population of Serbia.


IMAGES collection contains photographs, postcards created after photographs, drawings and cartoons, work of art reproductions, drawings and paintings created during the war. Photographs, made by professionals engaged in the military as well as amateurs, reflect the reality of war in a remarkable way. Furthermore, postcards have a unique value for their propaganda character.

CARTOGRAPHIC MATERIAL collection includes maps and atlases of military operations during the war, as well as various political projections for the Balkans during and after the war.

MISCELLANEOUS collection includes photographs of various memorabilia from the period of the war, objects made in trenches or advertisement ideas during the war, military flags of Yugoslav and Serbian regiments, especially the flags of volunteer units. The collection includes photographs of monuments, both present and those that no longer exist, but were built in the memory of World War One.